Reflexology is warm, gentle, non-invasive and suitable for all ages. This natural healing therapy maps out pressure points on the feet that correspond to the entire body. When these points are stimulated toxins are released and cleansed through the body to help promote self-healing.

The effects of Reflexology can be profound. Almost immediately stress and tension are released so the body can relax to help create a greater sense of well being. In the long term, benefits have shown that it assists clients to stay healthy physically as well as emotionally.

Reflexology is a modality that is well suited for people that are less mobile. The client only needs to sit or lie back and enjoy the treatment. In my experience other individuals that have benefited from Reflexology have been palliative, hospitalized, or injured. Also some of my clients have had treatments pre and post-operative to aide in recovery.

A regeneration of energy takes place during each treatment giving the feeling of personal empowerment through participation in improving in ones health.

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