The Elderly

Benefits to the aging and hospitalized clients

Reflexology is well suited for the elderly as it only requires the client to sit reclined in a chair or lay elevated in bed. They can receive safe and caring “therapeutic” treatments secure in the comfort of their own surroundings. They are warmly cared for by a compassionate practitioner working to improve their emotional and physical health. Reflexology is gentle and invigorating. If you are looking for in- home elder care modalities, Reflexology is great choice.

When a person is less mobile due to aging, injury, surgery or illness,the body functions can slow down and become stagnant allowing the accumulation of toxins. Reflexology stimulates circulation to help cleanse our bodies of these toxins,thereby assisting in regeneration and healing.

No matter the stage of life of an elderly person,whether in transition from the family home to a care home,being widowed,or encountering health issues such as Alzheimer’s or a stroke,reflexology can stimulate the body to do it’s best to heal itself, giving a person both a wonderful experience and peace of mind.

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